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Our Products

We are importers, processors and distributors of a large variety of goods and spices from all around theworld, directly from the best sources. Our quality control standards surpass the customs checkup in the port of arrival for purity and freshness. Experience and dedication is the formula that allows us to take pride in a higher standard of quality packaging. Our plant is equipped with state of the art technology and professional assistance.

At NAC FOODS the spices production line includes grounding and blending, following our specifications for traditional recipes or clients suggestions, packaging, labeling, control of weight and image for the final product.

Our commitment to offer great value is the signature in every item we produce, this has opened us the market doors

with an steady growing demand of over a 20% per year.

Our Brands

We proudly offer a variety of brands for customers who appreciate value, but are unwilling to compromise quality. In fact, our brands not only meet, but often exceed the quality of comparable other brands.

We want you to feel back in your homeland eating and tasting your own unique flavors and foods.

We are importers of brown sugar in the USA.

Ask for our special deals about bulk sales, in bags or packed.

We have a guaranteed permanent stock.

Brown Sugar

NACFOODS works with a team of brokers which are constantly looking for attractive deals in the national and international market, every proposition from suppliers is carefully evaluated and includes the study of samples before the negotiation is finalized.

Wholesale & Services

Over the years our trading connections have matured to the point that gives us the capability of wholesaling any product listed in our catalog. Our company has the capabilities of bulk sales and private packaging and labeling.

Existence, top quality and the best prices; guaranteed.

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